Toby Zerner

A Fast Front-End Framework For Flarum

My amazing alliteration abilities aside, it’s finally time to reveal what’s been happening at Flarum for the past month. We’ve been hard at work on some very cool stuff — here’s the rundown.

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FluxBB Joins Forces With Flarum

FluxBB is a fast, lightweight forum software project led by Franz Liedke, a talented PHP developer from Germany. The next version of FluxBB (2.0) is a complete rewrite that has been in the works for a while, and while it has looked extremely promising, its development has been progressing very slowly due to time constraints.

Franz and I have been talking about the future of PHP forum software for a while, and today I am pleased to announce that Franz will be joining the Flarum core team, and FluxBB 2.0 will be merging into Flarum.

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Mindful Eating: Lessons From a Month Without Flavour

Flavourless February has come to an end, and it’s time to look back in reflection.

For the month, I gave up flavour aiming to better understand my relationship with food and see how I deal with letting go. I was allowed to eat plain boiled potatoes, boiled chicken, oats, steamed/raw veggies, egg whites, and milk. I ate everything separately and sequentially. I also allowed myself to have one planned exception meal per week so I wouldn’t be a complete social outcast.

So… how did I go?

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Flarum: The Year Ahead

Flarum is a forum software project that I’ve been working on for a while. In fact, I first started working on design concepts way back in 2012. Since then, it’s been through a lot: numerous iterations, an entrepreneurial competition, a cancelled Kickstarter. But it still has never seen the light of day.

This year, that’s going to change. I’m taking the year off from medical school to build Flarum and finally make something of it. Here’s the plan.

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A Month Without Flavour

Every month this year, I’m challenging myself to develop a new habit, let go of an old one, or to perform an experiment. In January, I gave up sleeping in. (I’ll do a post on how that went soon!)

Starting tomorrow, for the duration of February, I’m giving up flavour. I’ll be eating the same boring foods every day, without any variety, seasoning, or added flavour.

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