Toby Zerner

FluxBB Joins Forces With Flarum

FluxBB is a fast, lightweight forum software project led by Franz Liedke, a talented PHP developer from Germany. The next version of FluxBB (2.0) is a complete rewrite that has been in the works for a while, and while it has looked extremely promising, its development has been progressing very slowly due to time constraints.

Franz and I have been talking about the future of PHP forum software for a while, and today I am pleased to announce that Franz will be joining the Flarum core team, and FluxBB 2.0 will be merging into Flarum.

Our two projects share a very similar vision: to provide a minimalistic forum software core with a high capacity for extension, allowing users to customize their forums without creating bloat, rigidity, and slowness. I wrote an article about what’s ahead for Flarum this year — this roadmap will only be strengthened by the merge.

Franz will join me as a member of Flarum’s core team, and will be brining some of the work he has done on the FluxBB 2.0 codebase over to Flarum. Franz specialises in back-end development and values good architecture and performance. His help will give me more time to focus on delivering an amazing front-end user experience.

Joining forces will allow us to concentrate our efforts on just one piece of amazing forum software, so together, we can build the best thing out there.

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or you’re interested in contributing to the development of Flarum, head over to the Flarum development forum and let us know!